Spring issue 2019

Invading Colony  Monotype and vellum, 2018, 24" x 36".

Invading Colony

Monotype and vellum, 2018, 24" x 36".


Squinch Magazine is proud to present our Spring 2019 Issue featuring an artist interview and work by six students. In this edition, you will notice a diversity of experience, background, and, especially, artistic approach. Many of these student artists have turned to abstraction as their method of choice, from Abstract Expressionist inspiration to whimsically abstracted forms and figures. Each one, however, has created a unique but equally engaging interpretation of the world around them, meriting intrigue both within and beyond the collegiate context.  

artist interview

Interview with Colleen Kinslow

student artwork

Sofija Chroneos Lyna Zidane Julia O’Brien

Andy Burgess Amina Zidane


Artwork by Sofija Chroneos

Instagram: sofijasart

Website: chroneosart.weebly.com

Boston University, BFA Sculpture, MA Art Education


Artwork by Lyna Zidane

Emerson College, Media Studies major and Philosophy minor


Artwork by Julia O’Brien

Website: juliarose.myportfolio.com

Cleveland Institute of Art, BFA Painting


Artwork by Andy Burgess

Instagram: andy_amina_art

Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Illustration


Artwork by Amina Zidane

Instagram: andy_amina_art

Boston University, Biomedical Engineering