Julia O’Brien

Website: juliarose.myportfolio.com


Julia O’Brien’s paintings explore memory, found photographs, and the ephemeral. Much of her current body of work is composed with oil paint, but she is also interested in watercolor, as well as incorporating found objects and materials. In her application of paint and use of imagery, she is interested in working with a state of both dissolve and preservation to explore a kind of paused moment amidst the passage of time. Her hope is that these works evoke reflection on the subject of impermanence and memory, as well as speak to feelings of empathy for that which may be lost. Julia is currently working toward a BFA in Painting with a focus in writing at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Following undergrad, Julia is interested in historical art conservation and restoration, volunteer work with nonprofit groups, and continuing on with a studio practice.

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Oil on canvas.


October 2003

Acrylic on canvas.



Oil on canvas.



Graphite on paper.


The Collector: Views from the End of Maida Road

Oil paint on secondhand plates.