Sofija Chroneos

Instagram: sofijasart



Sofija Chroneos primarily makes sculpture and installation work involving the layering of materials through unpremeditated movement through space. She is interested in creating scenes that revel in their adamant ambiguity, but remain on the cusp of an unidentifiable, but seemingly paramount communication. This evokes a slippage between real and unreal, theatricality alongside specificity, and two and three dimensions. Though her regular practice is not narrative or digitally focused, she did take on some narrative exploration through digital media while enrolled in an elective typography course last semester. She is excited to share the works that came out of the course through which she learned many new skills. Sofija lives, works, and studies in Boston, and upon graduation will pursue employment as a primary or secondary art teacher.

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Cure Introvertism

Digital media.


Bombay Bicycle Club Discography

Digital Media.