Squinch is an online art magazine which provides a platform for undergraduates to write about the art world, as well as showcase their own art. Through a diversity voices, Squinch releases the latest information about art events across the nation. Here, you can find editorial reviews of shows and exhibitions, essays that engage with art history, features of local artists, details of art-related current events, and a quarterly showcase of undergraduate student work.

Created by and for undergraduates, Squinch offers a unique space for students of all concentrations to delve into the visual arts.


Meet the Team



Kabita Das

Design & Media




Rachel Kubrick

Writing & Finance



Olivia Williams

Design & Writing 




Pictured: Adam Bieda, Alicja Wisniowska, Anna Spier,  Brandon Chen, Cadence Seeger, Chad Rodriguez, Elisa Cifiello, Elizabeth Champion, Kabita Das, Flannery Gallagher, Olivia LaRosa, Olivia Williams, Rachel Kubrick, Sam Powers, Seb Tellez, Sophie Bartholomew, and Sofija Chroneos.

Not pictured: Allie Miller, Clay McDermott, and Molly Doomchin.



Elizabeth Champion

Amy Finch

Ryan Roth Gallo

Marianna Koval

Patricia O'Brien

Blanche Nettles & Andy Powers

Angela & David Schmidt

Rollie Williams