Sophie Galowitz


Instagram: are_grubs_larva


Sophie Galowitz is a Fine Art major at Cornell University. The way she paints is tied to illustration; the images are very forthright and almost instructional. Sophie also draws upon the communicative force of film stills. Despite this tendency toward graphic simplicity and straightforward mise-en-scene, the narrative itself is often pretty obscure. Sophie draws upon communicative visual languages to make paintings which open themselves up to emotional, sentimental, and unconscious connections without becoming too direct. One of her inspirations is the cartoon Wallace and Gromit -- not for its wacky inventions -- but for its earnest reproduction of ordinary things. A green sweater vest, a mug, some cheese and crackers. She finds the profound in the everyday.

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Tub 3

Casein on paper



Casein on paper



Casein on paper