winter issue 2019

Untitled Greg McNight

Greg McNight


The undergraduate artists showcased in our 2019 Winter Issue express their creative, intellectual voices through a broad range of talents and interests, and also represent an array of universities in the United States. Tying these otherwise diverse artists together is their sense of individual introspection and a reflection on humanity shown through visual media. We chose to feature deliberate, emotive works that show not only skill, but also a personal sensitivity to the world.

artist interview

Interview with Devin Wilson

student artwork

Sophie Galowitz Lyna Zidane Greg McKnight

Andy Burgess Elanna Honan Amina Zidane Riley Garett


Artwork by Greg McKnight
Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr: greginthepocket

Boston University, English


Artwork by Sophie Galowitz

Cornell University, Fine Art


Artwork by Andy Burgess
Instagram: andy_amina_art

Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Illustration


Artwork by Elanna Honan

Boston University, Painting /Art Education


Amina Zidane
Instagram: andy_amina_art

Boston University, Biomedical Engineering


Riley Garrett
Instagram: rileygarrett97

University of Arkansas, Urban Planning / Political Science